Prairie Mountain Trading Ltd.

More than 64 years of experience in the import-export industry

Importing and Exporting Services

Importing and Exporting Services
Over 64 years in th import-export industry


If you're a Manufacturer, Producer, Distributor or Buyer in Canada or the United States and looking for long-term trade relationships that improve your bottom line, Prairie Mountain Trading is the key to your overseas success.

With over 64 years experience in the Import-Export industry we can save you valuable time, energy and money trying to locate, source and find the best manufacturers and distribution channels to work with.

Our qualified agents around the world facilitate the sourcing and manufacturing of products and identification of foreign distribution channels that meet our clients' needs.

With a proven track record, we have a wealth of experience and contacts you need for a competitive edge. Contact us for all your import-export needs.


Prairie Mountain Trading is key to your overseas success